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Update. We have to adjust our raview for affiliate program. While has an ok/average affiliate program the keep suspending our account for no reason. We have then started a little investigation and discovered multiple adult webmasters facing the same problem with suspended accounts and payout problems. An affiliate program should and can not treat it’s members this way, therefore we will score the support as 10% which will greatly reduce the overal rating. For those of you still interested in using affiliate program here is the old review summary:

Webcam affiliate program:, I guess the name says it all. is also a really big site with a decent amount of webcam girls online. The domain name sells itself pretty easily. It’s instant respect from customers, all you have to do is sent your traffic. provides you with lots of content to choose from and pays weekly!

  • PPO: Earn $100+ on a referred member’s first order
  • PPS: Earn $42+ for every $4.99 trial member you refer. Get paid as soon as the sale is approved even if they cancel.
  • PPS: Payouts start at $25 for every free lifetime member you refer. You are paid as soon as the customer’s transaction is approved.
  • Revshare: Earn 60% of all subscription fees and 25% of all site spending for the life of the member. This is GROSS, before processing fees.

Payments: payoneer, check or wire transfer

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